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RoadWarrior Road to Recovery
JIMBO Assistance Auction
27 267 Re: Choot, choot and choot...
(Cash is King) - Today at 09:13 AM
Caveat Emptor - BUYER BEWARE
Spotting counterfeits and fakes.

Leupold scopes, trijicon, etc

Do your research before buying!!

19 147 Re: Armslist SCAMMER
(Pham27) - 03/25/17 06:47 PM
Handguns - VIRGINIA ONLY (8 viewing)
Revolvers -- SemiAutos -- Single shot
881 5047 g 226
(duckdave) - 41 minutes 19 seconds ago
Shotguns - VIRGINIA ONLY (1 viewing)
Pump -- SemiAuto -- Single/Double barrel
193 1240 Re: Gold trigger 12g Mossb...
(BG2008) - 16 minutes 14 seconds ago
Shotgun/Rifle combos -- VIRGINIA ONLY
Combos such as an over/under rifle/shotgun or a combo with a separate rifle/shotgun barrel.
2 3 WTS/WTT Rossi .243,.20gaug...
(mirby357) - Yesterday at 08:45 PM
AR-15, AK-47, SKS, related firearms "VIRGINIA ONLY" (4 viewing)
AR-15, AK-47, SKS, and related firearms "VIRGINIA ONLY"
365 2003 Re: PSL for sale / trade
(BDA380) - 3 minutes 59 seconds ago
ACCESSORIES for AR-15, AK-47, SKS, and related firearms (2 viewing)
List your ACCESSORIES for ARs, AKs, SKSs, and related firearms. This includes MAGAZINES, UPPERS, STOCKS, BARRELS, ....etc

Lower receivers are considered a firearm, list LOWERS in the AR/AK RIFLES section above.

258 1690 Re: Tapco factory Ak furni...
(Jmbrown) - 15 minutes 21 seconds ago
Rifles - VIRGINIA ONLY (4 viewing)
Hunting -- Target -- Sporting
317 2231 Re: Canadian .303 Long Bra...
(kchisholm1960) - Today at 09:11 PM
LEGALLY TRANSFERABLE Fully Automatic -- SBR -- AOW -- Suppressors
6 14 Re: FFL Sale: New products...
(Hansohn Brothers) - 03/26/17 10:13 PM
Primitive weapons (1 viewing)
black powder - archery - air guns

Be aware that some muzzle loading rifles are considered a non-primitive firearm because they can be interchangeable with regular rifle barrels. The laws for owning these are the same as a regular firearm.

66 433 Re: Barnett predator fs
(Jmbrown) - 16 minutes 39 seconds ago
Ammo (1 viewing)
218 1468 Federal Automatch 325 Bulk...
(jmm83164) - Today at 09:26 PM
Reloading equipment
170 1303 Re: 308 brass once fired 5...
(guns85) - Today at 09:23 PM
Optics (1 viewing)
Scopes, range finders, etc
194 1030 Re: SWFA S.S.A.L.T 30mm m...
(dogface267) - 15 minutes 8 seconds ago
Magazines - ( No AR/AK/SKS Magazines Here, use the AR/AK/SKS accessory section above)
Most guns use MAGAZINES..... CLIPS are for M1 GARANDS!
77 391 F/S 2 S&W 5906 15 roun...
(Bandagman) - Today at 06:27 PM
Accessories (1 viewing)
Firearms parts and accessories, stocks, gun safes, etc
199 1247 Re: 870 Express Black synt...
(TD) - Today at 10:23 PM
Holsters (1 viewing)
Holsters, mag pouches and related items.
94 643 Many holsters for trade or...
(ibemanson) - Yesterday at 10:39 PM
For the LEFT HANDED shooter
Holsters and such for left handed shooters.
8 224 Re: LH Savage, Ruger bolt...
(82fxrs) - Yesterday at 09:12 AM
Keep it legal. Switchblades/auto knives are not legal in Va. unless for LEO or military....if I'm not mistaken.
42 184 Re: New M1911 FS
(BRASF0311) - Yesterday at 10:18 PM
gear and accessories
45 212 Re: Beez Combat Systems Pl...
(Execprotect) - Today at 02:46 PM
Outdoor sporting equipment and accessories
Hunting, fishing, boating, camping, etc.
45 430 Re:mini Bike
(RALLEN) - Today at 07:40 PM
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