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Guest and Member Help
*** If you are NOT A MEMBER and are asking a question or require assistance please include your EMAIL ADDRESS so we can contact you.

If you have problems and need help registering please post it here. Even if you are not a member yet you can post as a GUEST.

NOTE: Although a member or a guest can post here ONLY a MODERATOR can view it. You will receive an ACCESS DENIED message if you try to read posts here, even your own post. And you will receive an ACCESS DENIED message when you submit a post, because only a moderator can read it.

52 154 Re: User problems
(the cwa) - 06/16/18 01:22 PM
DO NOT create another account if you think you may already have an account
1 1 Before you decide to creat...
(Dadcpu) - 07/28/17 05:40 PM
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
DO NOT create another account if you think you may already have an account
If you think you may already have an account but aren't sure click HERE and enter your email address in the PASSWORD RETRIEVAL field, then check your email.
0 0
- New Forum
1.Click on the REGISTER USER.

2.Start off by submitting your birth date.

3.Accept the board rules/proceed.

4.Submit birth date again.

5.Now you are at a screen for your username, password, location, etc. Complete it and hit SUBMIT.

6.NOW, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART ... GO CHECK YOUR EMAIL. You have to verify your email address. If you don't see the email it may be in your SPAM folder. Find it, read it, and complete your registration.

1 9 Re: problems registering??
(VaGunTrader) - 02/18/14 06:49 PM
Problems logging ? Or staying logged in?
If you are having a problem logging in please view this section
25 168 Re: No REPLY button on bot...
(FrostyEOD) - 04/21/18 04:04 PM
How to LIST a gun for sale
-Register -Log on

-go to the appropriate section (handguns, ammo, etc). If you are selling a handgun go to the FOR SALE HANDGUNS section

-click on NEW TOPIC towards the top-left of the screen

-list your item that you are selling

--to post a picture: click on "upload picture", "chose file", then locate and chose your picture from your hard drive. Then click "add file", repeat for more than one picture. When you are done click "done adding files".

2 14 Re: How to list and item
(volfan59) - 10/24/17 08:37 AM
How to EDIT and BUMP your FOR SALE listings
-Once you list on the FOR SALE section you can edit it. There will be an EDIT button at the bottom of the page.

-If you want to BUMP (to the top of the page) your post you can REPLY to your listing once every 24 hours. You can REPLY to make updates to your post or to just bump it to the top of the page.

-Remember, you can only REPLY/BUMP once every 24 hours.


2 21 Re: How to change the geog...
(DougN) - 03/30/17 04:22 PM
HOW TO Delete Topics, Move to SOLD, Post Pictures, Fix email notifications
If you are not getting emails notifying you of a PM or a response to your post you need to read this so you can fix it.
28 113 Re: Post won't go away....
(GUNADV) - 05/23/18 09:05 PM
Lobby Day, bills, and other important gun rights events
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Every gun owner needs to be at LOBBY DAY to let our politicians and law makers know where we stand on gun control. The anti-gunners will be there as well. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!!
4 22 Re: Lobby Day 2018 - Monda...
(Agent19) - 03/07/18 02:18 PM
WARNING!!! Our Governor has us in his sights
Of course our governor vows GUN CONTROL in Virginia.

What are you going to do???

15 422 Re: Universal Background C...
(lue-jones) - 03/17/18 10:34 AM
January 18, 2016 ...MLK Day

General Assembly Building

1000 Bank St Richmond, VA 23219

7 50 Re: pictures from Lobby Da...
(The Corps) - 01/21/16 10:39 AM
LOBBY DAY 2017 (1 viewing)
January 16 2017

Be there to support our 2nd amendment rights. This is the single most important day for gun owners in Virginia. Don't let your guard down because Trump was elected President. We need to fight for our gun rights at a state level.

5 40 Re: Lobby Day 2018
(Agent19) - 12/27/17 12:32 PM
BILLS - please check these out, we can make a difference
Bills are being presented for consideration for law.

We can contact our lawmakers and ask them to SUPPORT or OPPOSE these bills.


33 216 Re: Loudoun County to Ban ...
(Wingshooter) - 06/20/18 02:04 PM
The LAWS and the RULES ..... PLEASE READ
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
TIME OUT----- IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU ARE IN "TIME OUT" <------------------------------HEY YOU
A place to hang out and cool off.....and READ THE RULES.
0 0
- New Forum
Know the gun laws.
180 1029 Re: Bill of Sale question
(user) - 06/15/18 10:35 AM
OUT-OF-STATE firearms transactions
Before you deal with someone who is FROM another state or IN another state please read this.
17 174 Re: Required ID for intras...
(dnunn) - 05/24/18 12:54 PM
These are the rules...please read
5 15 Re: NO AUCTIONS, NO "...
(MP3Mogul) - 10/29/14 07:19 AM
SHOUT BOX rules <<<----------------------------- READ THE RULES
You had better read this.
(Jeff_smallmon) - 11/01/16 01:27 PM
Punishment for breaking the rules
2 44 Re: Punishment for breakin...
(BobVA) - 02/17/18 12:04 PM
FFL and other gun related retail businesses
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
DK Firearms
FFL Dealer & Class 3 SOT

202 North Main Street - Bowling Green, VA 22427

804-633-2222 - Monday-Saturday 11:00pm-7:00pm

26 32 We have updated our websit...
(dk148) - 06/22/18 08:32 PM
Hansohn Brothers, Purveyors of Fine Sporting Arms

FFL Dealer

0 0
- New Forum
Sterling Arsenal Works & Tactical Supply
Precision & purpose built firearms for tactical, competition, & defense.
36 74 Re: .50 cal M33 Ball Ammo ...
(Sterling Arsenal) - 06/04/18 10:42 AM
Arsenal Attorneys
Creator of the Arsenal Gun Trust for NFA firearms and estate planning. Offices near NRA and ATF HQS. Serving clients across Virginia and 35 other states in Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Business Services, FFL/ATF issues, Law Seminars, and more. Featured in the Wall St. Journal, Washington Times, and CBS News. 703-291-3312
0 0
- New Forum
An Index of Best Deals on Guns and Ammo
9639 9643 Federal Premium BYOB .22 L...
( - Yesterday at 08:10 PM
Sonny's Guns & Transfers
810 Adkins Rd. Richmond, VA 23236 FFL Dealer
18 18 New Richmond Gun Show
(Sonny's Guns) - 01/28/17 11:08 AM
New American Arms
4190 Dominion Blvd. Glen Allen

07/08 ffl 02/03 SOT

6 18 Re: TRANSFERS. Lowest pric...
(Hksmith) - 05/19/18 03:40 PM
The Law Office of John Pierce - Home of the $100 NFA Trust
I offer a comprehensive NFA Trust instrument customized to your needs for a flat-fee of $100.
37 37 Governor signs bill allowi...
(John_Pierce) - 03/19/17 02:30 PM
ASH Tactical
07 Weapons Manufacturer, Class 3 dealer, and Gun Smithing

4733 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg VA 22408

9 10 New Guns in the Shop!
(AshTacticalVA) - 06/16/16 08:20 PM
Clinton's Colors Custom Cerakote
Thornburg Va
9 10 Price list.....
(hino895) - 09/21/17 07:44 AM
For Sale and Trade
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Caveat Emptor - BUYER BEWARE
Spotting counterfeits and fakes.

Leupold scopes, trijicon, etc

Do your research before buying!!

27 245 Re: Felons now using CHP's
(user) - 06/15/18 10:33 AM
Handguns - VIRGINIA ONLY (5 viewing)
Revolvers -- SemiAutos -- Single shot
522 3986 Re: As new Gen 3 G19 for g...
(mark5pt56) - 3 minutes 20 seconds ago
Shotguns - VIRGINIA ONLY (1 viewing)
Pump -- SemiAuto -- Single/Double barrel
124 796 Re: BROWNING BPS 10ga
(Springgob) - Yesterday at 09:41 PM
Shotgun/Rifle combos -- VIRGINIA ONLY
Combos such as an over/under rifle/shotgun or a combo with a separate rifle/shotgun barrel.
3 6 Re: savage 24 s-d 20ga 22l...
(LIBERTY-FIREARMS.COM) - 06/22/18 02:47 PM
AR-15, AK-47, SKS, related firearms "VIRGINIA ONLY" (1 viewing)
AR-15, AK-47, SKS, and related firearms "VIRGINIA ONLY"
250 1602 Re: Savage MSR Patrol $650...
(DJ_R) - Yesterday at 10:29 PM
ACCESSORIES for AR-15, AK-47, SKS, and related firearms (3 viewing)
List your ACCESSORIES for ARs, AKs, SKSs, and related firearms. This includes MAGAZINES, UPPERS, STOCKS, BARRELS, ....etc

Lower receivers are considered a firearm, list LOWERS in the AR/AK RIFLES section above.

154 1414 Re: ***WTS: Knight's Armam...
(Megafan) - Today at 01:02 AM
Rifles - VIRGINIA ONLY (1 viewing)
Hunting -- Target -- Sporting
238 2928 Re: WTS: FN SPR A5M .308 W...
(Megafan) - Today at 01:01 AM
LEGALLY TRANSFERABLE Fully Automatic -- SBR -- AOW -- Suppressors
5 45 Re: WTS Noveske, DD and Ge...
(325A) - 06/22/18 05:39 PM
Primitive weapons
black powder - archery - air guns

Be aware that some muzzle loading rifles are considered a non-primitive firearm because they can be interchangeable with regular rifle barrels. The laws for owning these are the same as a regular firearm.

41 304 Re: F/S Thompson Center Om...
(Eric Pugh) - Yesterday at 10:07 AM
122 1034 Re: FS .380 & 9mm
(coltman) - 26 minutes 25 seconds ago
Reloading (1 viewing)
Reloading equipment
68 615 Re: Reloading - brass, pri...
(m14jarhead) - Yesterday at 05:31 PM
Optics (1 viewing)
Scopes, range finders, etc
88 896 Re: Aimpoint PRO
(be5) - Yesterday at 10:27 PM
Magazines - ( No AR/AK/SKS Magazines Here, use the AR/AK/SKS accessory section above)
Most guns use MAGAZINES..... CLIPS are for M1 GARANDS!
57 484 Re: FS/FT - 4ea - Glock 20...
(fclassron) - Yesterday at 01:05 PM
Firearms parts and accessories, stocks, gun safes, etc
126 1090 Re: WTS Colt Detective Med...
(chief) - Today at 05:14 AM
Holsters, mag pouches and related items.
52 729 Re: WTS Alien IWB 1911 ...
(chief) - Today at 05:17 AM
For the LEFT HANDED shooter
Holsters and such for left handed shooters.
4 290 Re: LH Savage, Ruger bolt...
(82fxrs) - 06/13/18 06:55 PM
Keep it legal. Switchblades/auto knives are not legal in Va. unless for LEO or military....if I'm not mistaken.
28 249 Re: FS/FT TOPPS, Black...
(Sfach) - Yesterday at 05:49 PM
gear and accessories
27 224 WTS: 5.11 XPERT Boots in ...
(pappy214) - Yesterday at 01:56 PM
Outdoor sporting equipment and accessories (1 viewing)
Hunting, fishing, boating, camping, etc.
34 335 Re: Oakley XLJ Sunglasses
(mic17) - Yesterday at 08:19 PM
Shooting ranges and firearms training
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Victory First
Concealed Carry and Tactical Training
6 7 One Day Workshops near Win...
(.308holes) - 09/02/14 07:02 AM
Barra Training Academy LLC
Fairfax, Bernadette Court Chantilly 20151

VA DCJS Training Academy

We teach VA Un-Armed, Security Armed Security, PPS and Advanced Handgun, NRA Certified, Carry Conceal courses, Pepper Spray Instructors, Handcuffing Instructors we can meet all of you training needs.

24 27 40 CAL AMMO 1000 ROUNDS FO...
(Barra_Training) - 11/23/16 10:28 PM
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
For SELLERS from another state
If you're NOT from VIRGINIA please list your firearm here. There are different LAWS for selling a firearm from another state. BEFORE you make a transaction TO or FROM another state familiarize yourself with the laws.
5 18 Re: CMT AR-15 for sale.
(Andrew_Yassa) - 04/10/18 01:30 PM
Want to Buy
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Handguns - want to buy
Revolvers -- SemiAutos -- Single Shot
75 305 WTB battlefield green G43
(RickRolledRVA) - Yesterday at 11:43 PM
Shotguns - want to buy
Pump -- SemiAuto -- Double/Single barrel
12 70 Re: Wtb mossberg 590 origi...
(tonyglock40man) - 06/21/18 10:15 AM
Rifles - want to buy (1 viewing)
Hunting -- Target -- Sporting
57 240 WTB: Century FAL
(BFitz76239) - Yesterday at 07:22 PM
Rifle/Shotgun combos - want to buy
Combos such as an over/under rifle/shotgun or a combo with a separate rifle/shotgun barrel.
0 0
- New Forum
Class 3 NFA - want to buy (1 viewing)
LEGALLY TRANSFERABLE Fully Automatic -- SBR -- AOW -- Suppressors
1 2 Re: WTB AAC, Silencerco, o...
(leapylee) - 06/15/18 10:17 PM
Ammo - want to buy
8 41 Re: WTB 7.5x55
(RUGGIERO) - 06/22/18 05:49 PM
Reloading - want to buy
Reloading equipment
4 10 WTB Dies 8mm Mauser/7.7 Ja...
(Shoreleave) - 06/19/18 07:37 PM
Knives - want to buy
0 0
- New Forum
Accessories - want to buy
Firearms parts and accessories, Knives, Gun Safes, etc
37 257 WTB: BCM A2X Flashhider
(BlackTridentTac) - Yesterday at 08:13 PM
Magazines - want to buy
13 55 Re: WTB - Armalite AR-30 3...
(RubiconX1) - Yesterday at 10:28 AM
Optics - want to buy
Scopes, range finders, etc.
7 28 Re: Wanted: Aimpoint Micro...
(YounGun) - 06/22/18 10:44 PM
Primitive weapons -want to buy
Want to buy - Archery and Black powder
1 2 Re: Crossbow wanted!
(FXSTD) - 05/11/18 07:08 PM
The MEMBERS forum
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
If you had a less than desirable transaction with a member please let us know of your experience.

Please try to work out your differences and make a deal happen.

773 3600 Re: VAGunner2016
(BobVA) - 06/16/18 09:16 PM
Feedback forum - ARCHIVE
This forum is locked.

Use the "NEGATIVE FEEDBACK" forum above for "less than positive" feedback.

For a "positive" pat-on-the-back comment go to the members profile and leave a comment.

11404 12784 Re: Rrpc
(BobVA) - 05/06/14 08:36 PM
Members lost but not forgotten
A memorial to lost members
16 184 Re: Marine Reporting into ...
(Gnome) - Yesterday at 06:31 AM
Cold Steel and Lace
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
What sunglasses cut down the glare while shooting, what hand bag is best to conceal carry, a holster that doesn't cut into you or make you sweat, to jackets and shirts that don't imprint, or shoes that keep your feet feeling happy while walking the course or setting up those targets.
1 2 Re: Jewelry
(nytehawk) - 06/21/18 06:47 PM
From the latest to light weight, proficiency, durability, this is the forum to discuss what you find you like or prefer, which brand has better accuracy, trigger weights, pro's and con's of each. Join in and share your views and ideas.
2 5 Re: Sig 365?
(sentinel8152) - 06/22/18 05:42 PM
For those who wish to skeet shoot or take down that trophy buck or that doe to fill your freezer full of meat, here is the forum to discuss what you find you like or prefer, which brand has better accuracy, more bang for your buck, etc.
0 0
- New Forum
Cleaning your firearm
One of the most important things one will need to know for a properly functioning firearm. Step by step instruction along with video and/or photo's to better help you understand. Will go over everything from a small size handgun to AR, AK, rifles, etc.
0 0
- New Forum
Instruction, Classes, Events, etc
1 4 Re: Skeet Instruction - Ch...
(Bob_K) - 01/12/18 09:51 AM
Woman in history
Learn facts about those woman who stood their ground and never gave up, who could shoot the wings off a fly or rope a man off a horse. Those woman who misbehaved and made history what it is today. Remember, "Well behaved woman rarely make history", these woman set the tone for who we are today.
0 0
- New Forum
Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and kick back. Let me know what you want to discuss, anything on your mind, questions you may need answering or just something on your mind.
2 5 Vintage ammo
(wscrst) - 04/19/18 04:48 PM
The meeting place
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Finding any ammo? With popular calibers of ammo being difficult to find let us know if you located a retailer or online store with a supply.
143 288 17 Mach 2
(Agent19) - 04/23/18 10:43 PM
AR's - Lowers - Magazines - alert
With AR's, lowers, and magazines hard to find let us know if you find any either online or local retail.
20 47 Colt M4 Lower Receivers / ...
(Texasflyboy) - 12/13/17 04:25 PM
Fund drive
Looking to increase our bandwidth and move to a semi-dedicated server. MP3Mogul wants to head a fund drive to help grow the site.
1 42 Re: VAGT Challenge Coin?
(gungoboom) - 03/19/18 10:04 AM
Forum discussions
If we need to discuss issues pertaining to the website this is the place.
100 1307 Re: Bill of Sale for firea...
(user) - 06/15/18 10:41 AM
VCDL - Virginia Citizens Defense League
Defending your right to defend yourself
32 91 Re: VA-ALERT: URGENT: Fals...
(Execprotect) - 06/14/18 10:31 PM
National Rifle Association
1 3 Re: NRA's TAG Poll
(nvr2old) - 04/20/14 05:54 PM
Pay it forward
Pay it forward
114 354 Great kids stuff!!
(mequirky) - 06/09/18 07:23 PM
Shooting the bull (3 viewing)
Use this section for off topic posts.
113 1278 Re: where did the term ...
(rromeo) - Yesterday at 08:26 PM
VaGT meets
33 606 Re: Monthly VAGT Meet at E...
(mequirky) - 06/06/18 09:59 AM
Emergency Preparedness
Survival if the SHTF !!
494 7776 Re: Water purification tab...
(FrostyEOD) - Yesterday at 03:42 PM
Physical Fitness Discussion
This is the area to discuss working out, nutrition and physical fitness.
15 446 Re: Post your routine!
(Mark S) - 05/14/18 05:55 PM
Computer help
Ask here if you need help troubleshooting computer or have computer related questions
9 73 Re: Smileys
(OldBay) - 04/22/18 08:17 AM
Group buys
Organizing group buys to buy in bulk at a discounted price.
24 195 Delete Please
(gungoboom) - 09/06/17 03:26 PM
VaGT TSHIRTS , HATS, and other stuff
VaGunTrader shirt, hats, and other stuff.
5 85 Re: Virginia Gun Trader Ve...
(SgtSquishySquash) - 07/14/17 12:24 AM
A section for members who are in search of a job to list their skills.

And for employers to list job openings.

44 102 Selective Demolition &...
(CheroHunt) - 05/16/18 09:10 AM
Self Defense
Discussion on defending yourself.
7 25 Question about USCCA
(s70l3n) - 01/17/18 01:48 PM
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Web Site Donations
Many have asked how they can donate to the site, here it is. Thanks
6 160 Re: how to donate
(flyingnut) - 02/05/17 07:42 PM
Trading NON-FIREARM items for FIREARMS
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Trading items that have LESS than $200 value (1 viewing)
THIS IS "TRADE FOR FIREARMS", or "FOR SALE" !! Use this forum if you have a NON-FIREARM/ITEM that you want to trade for a FIREARM/ITEM. --- Less than $200 value.
190 1328 Re: PRINCE PMC-8316 Hydrau...
(montana_jeepn) - Yesterday at 10:42 PM
Trading items that have MORE than $200 value
THIS IS "TRADE FOR FIREARMS", or "FOR SALE" !! These non-firearm items should have a value of at least $200. Use this forum if you have a NON-FIREARM/ITEM that you want to trade for a FIREARM/ITEM. --- More than $200 value.
109 872 Re: HUMMINBIRD GPS Fishing...
(montana_jeepn) - Yesterday at 10:41 PM
Trade services for firearms
If you have a service to offer tell us about it here.
25 82 Flooring/Remodeling Servic...
(Powers91) - 05/28/18 02:08 PM
Firearms Discussion
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Gun Shows (1 viewing)
108 395 Re: green county fair grou...
(deaner20) - 06/21/18 09:48 AM
Let's talk guns !!
This is for firearms discussion. Not fishing, hunting, golf, cars, etc...FIREARM RELATED. ----Enjoy !!
498 2976 Re: Favorite .22 bolt acti...
(bustedknee) - 06/22/18 09:46 PM
Questions for the Gunsmith
If you have any gunsmithing inquiries this is the place.
231 780 Re: harbor freight lathe
(jonthefisherman) - 06/22/18 09:15 AM
Stolen firearms
Report stolen firearms here
91 240 CZ P-07 Stolen 6/13/18 in ...
(MrGreen) - 06/13/18 01:26 PM
The shooting range
Tall tales from the shooting range
31 237 Re: .22 shoot in Stafford
(ArmedRealtor) - 05/10/18 01:17 AM
Firearm training and instruction classes
Look here to find classes for: conceal carry, basic firearms safety, tactical training, reloading, etc
58 93 Re: 1 Day Carbine Training...
(redskins17) - 06/17/18 10:39 PM
Class 3 discussion
Suppressors, Full Auto, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, AOW and destructive devices discussion here!
59 507 Re: Good Double for a Shor...
(dustydog) - 09/09/17 09:43 AM
C&R discussion
Curio & Relic
5 14 Re: Polish Radom VIS 35
(OttoSkorzeny) - 05/28/17 11:46 AM
Long range shooting
Reaching out there
21 107 Re: 41acrs open land great...
(Justingibbs) - 05/30/18 01:12 PM
Gun pictures
Show off your unique builds and firearms here. Please use a picture host like to host your pictures so it doesn't run up our bandwidth.
187 678 Browning 525 Sporting
(CaptMac) - Yesterday at 03:42 PM
Discuss everything about AR-15's
Subforums: AR-10
247 2258 Re: 450 bushmaster build
(tonyglock40man) - 06/21/18 10:14 AM
AK-47, MAK-90, and SKS
For discussing AK's, MAK-90's, and SKS's
42 415 Arsenal SLR 101S Trigger
(SamuelRLyons) - 03/28/18 10:40 PM
For discussing everything 1911
17 299 Re: How many?
(ExWHCA) - 04/25/18 01:06 AM
For Glock discussion.
15 195 Re: Glock pic thread
(LaserJock) - 06/10/18 01:43 PM
Knife discussion
Knives, blades, etc
2 3 Delete post please
(stockram) - 06/09/17 09:49 PM
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Richmond - Petersburg
Chesterfield, Powhatan, Ft. Pickett, Waverly
21 128 Re: Kayak fishing in and a...
(panic788) - 07/23/17 05:02 PM
South Hill - Franklin
6 11 Place to shoot hand guns.
(artysgt6) - 12/18/16 09:18 PM
Culpeper, Colonial Beach, Quantico
37 267 Re: Anti-gun Businesses in...
(rickzski) - 04/23/18 08:16 AM
Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Suffolk
48 370 Re: Safest area in NN, Ham...
(Dadcpu) - 04/24/18 12:18 PM
Eastern Shore
Cape Charles, Chincoteague
(homeland security) - 02/25/17 06:47 AM
Northern Neck
Lancaster, Northumberland, Westmoreland.
2 22 Re: Public Ranges in North...
(groovinmonk) - 02/05/18 06:17 PM
Arlington, Alexandria, Chantilly
70 423 Re: Echoooo
(nvcdl) - 04/04/18 04:52 PM
Winchester- Harrisonburg
Front Royal, New Market
9 36 Re: 12ga shhoting match
(deaner20) - 12/02/15 02:55 PM
Charlottesville - Staunton
Waynesboro, Barboursville, Palmyra
9 70 Re: Gun Ranges
(Rangers484) - 12/23/16 07:05 PM
Hot Springs - Covington
4 25 Re: 12ga shooting match
(deaner20) - 11/04/16 09:24 AM
Lynchburg - Christiansburg
31 189 Re: Lynchburg people
(shootergdv) - 05/03/18 10:26 PM
South Boston - Martinsville
4 17 Moving to Henry Country
(Sean M) - 05/02/17 09:51 PM
Bristol - Wytheville
15 27 12 District Legislative Ra...
(seneca) - 10/23/17 04:14 PM
West Point - Charles City
5 53 New Tactical Store - Willi...
(Vic77) - 03/29/18 11:16 AM
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
General Reloading Discussion
This is the area to discuss reloading tips, tricks and issues.
37 220 Re: Reloading Bench
(Cash is King) - 03/24/18 11:12 PM
Reloading - Handgun Loads
21 107 Re: .454 Casull data and c...
(Cash is King) - 06/22/18 11:30 AM
Reloading - Rifle Loads
41 276 Re: .300 Weatherby
(Cash is King) - 06/04/18 10:48 PM
Reloading - Shotgun Loads
2 2 ETR7 shotgun load (7/8oz) ...
(ALG70) - 10/05/14 11:44 PM
The Marketplace
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
FFL and member retailers
This is a section JUST for our members who are LICENSED FIREARM DEALERS or are retailers for FIREARM related accessories.
64 373 Re: Used Pistols and revol...
(218albemarle) - 05/10/18 02:30 PM
Let us know if you find any good deals on guns and accessories at any stores or online, and especially if you know where to purchase that hard to find ammunition.
223 957 25% Rebate on Winchester A...
(Texasflyboy) - 03/25/18 09:30 PM
The Great Outdoors
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Share Experiences, Training, Pictures/Videos and Adventure Stories
8 22 Re: 17 B-25's Take Off in ...
(volfan59) - 05/02/17 06:09 PM
Share your hunting experiences, post pictures, ask questions, etc.
93 972 Re: Show me your RACKS!.
(us4stampers) - 03/27/18 01:13 PM
Freshwater Fishing
12 163 Missin' Bassin'
(Stoby) - 05/13/18 01:02 PM
Saltwater Fishing
(homeland security) - 10/09/17 09:59 AM
2 4 Re: Love MY skiff
(218albemarle) - 03/07/17 08:07 PM
Camping and Hiking
6 36 Re: Hiking in Bear Country
(stagz) - 11/10/17 10:46 PM