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No New Posts Sticky topic Cove campgrounds/ shooting range
by JoeShmoe
9 1714 04/12/14 11:47 PM
    by FrontRoyalty
No New Posts hiking for beginners
by VaGunTrader
5 608 02/07/14 02:43 AM
    by shakeandbake72

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April 26 2014 --- Tannerite BBQ
Just heard back from the guys that are securing the property for the tannerite=shoot-bbq. The date will be Saturday April 26.
It will be in Chesterfield County, Matoaca to be exact.

------what is the Tannerite BBQ?
Well, its an event where we shoot guns, blow up tannerite targets, have a cookout and eat, shoot some more....and just have fun.
-The event starts around ...11am? (still to be determined). We start shooting and blowing up the tannerite.
-About 15 minutes into the shooting the police show up to investigate reports of WW3. They just want to see all the cool machine guns that are there.
-We shoot until maybe 1-2pm?? ....until we get hungry, then myself a few other will cook lunch.
-After eating we shoot some more. Someone usually brings an old truck and boat to shoot at. Also freezers, TVs, and all kinds of junk to shoot up.
-Basically we shoot until dark, then some of us camp out..campers and tents. We build a fire and sit know, camping. Some guys get a wild hair and take their 4x4s mud bogging at midnight.
-Then Sunday we help clean up and head on home. And others come back and help clean up.

Anyway, its fun. We all have a good time. All of you are invited. Bring guns, ammo, tannerite, sun screen, a chair, a cooler with drinks, food (if you wish to cook something special on the grill), and whatever else you think you'll need....oh, HEARING PROTECTION (ear plugs).
And folks, SAFETY is #1!!! If its a safe event it will be a fun event. No alcohol during the shooting. If you want to camp out and have a few cold ones that is fine.

For those of you wishing to donate to this event please visit CLICK HERE.
It takes money to make this happen. And remember, we are feeding everyone too.

ADDRESS -- We will be shooting at a farm at the end of Sandy ford rd. The address I am putting on here is used for reference only just to get you there. 16151 Sandy Ford Rd Chesterfield, VA 23838. Please DO NOT PULL up in his driveway, You will pass it and go to the end of street, you will see a fence that has signs posted No trespassing and no ATVs. Follow the long gravel driveway to the end and you will hear us. Any problems call Cliff at 804-347-7800.
Please help out so we have a great event.

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