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by JoeShmoe
11 2660 03/02/15 09:40 AM
    by carp

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I have 2 tables for the members at the Richmond gun show. Bring your guns, ammo, and accessories to sell. NO CHARGE to use the tables. I will have a donation jar to help cover the cost. Donations appreciated but not required. Or if you have a gun related item you would like to donate that we can sell.

We should be located in the main BIG building. When you walk in we are the 2nd isle on the left.

Bring what you have and put it out on the table, have a seat or browse the show.

-------I could use some help setting up Saturday about 830am.
------also, I have to leave early Saturday, about 230pm for work. Anyone available to hang out at the table til it closes at 5pm?
somewhere to shoot- group land purchase
For those of you who have been to the Tannerite BBQ Shoots at the farm in Chesterfield Co. you know how much fun it is. We shot every gun imaginable, including class 3 machine guns. Blew up tannerite. Cooked out. Camped out. We had fun!!!!

Not sure of the future of the location(farm) of the past shoots.

We members have been discussing having a piece of property of our own, where we can make improvements to the property and always have a place where we can do some shooting and have fun.

So....lets say we find some property:

1. Located in central Va so that members from say Nova wont have to drive to Emporia. I'd say within 30-40 miles from Richmond.

2. Large enough to shoot. Not next to a subdivision or close to city limits.

3. A safe shooting area. Needs to be open with a good wooded backstop and we can ad a berm if need be.

4. Will have to consult a lawyer (SteveBEsq) on how to handle this legally.

Who here would be willing to buy into a piece of property? I'm thinking 50+ acres. Find something thats about $2500 acre. Don't care if it perks or is buildable...just a place to shoot.

What would you be willing to pay to have a permanent place to shoot whenever you want?

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