For Sale: Winchester Model 94 30-30

During WWII Winchester was told to stop production of their sporting arms and start production of military arms in support of the war effort.

Many people reminded the war department that a lot of people in this country supporting the war effort required firearms. People such as Railroad guards, prison guards, cops, ranchers, farmers, trappers, people feeding their families, etc., etc.

So Winchester was allowed to resume production of the Model 94 for those folks.

The easiest way to spot one of these collector guns is by the flat muzzle band. This was the only period in which they were used.
The best way to determine if a 94 is an actual War gun is by the serial number, of course. Winchester mysteriously "lost" those records but they have published the band of numbers.
I suspect the War Dept has those records.

This rifle has been used. I wish it could talk. It has the steel checkered butt plate and semi-buckhorn sight.

I am willing to ship this gun provided buyer pays packaging and shipping costs.

I am open to the following trades: Glocks, AR-10, 9mm carbine.