Request: Can anyone recommend a few attorneys (or a list) who are equipped to dealing with gun laws and serve Arlington County general district court?

What happened: A friend of a friend was arrested carrying an unfinished (brand new, unaltered) 80% lower receiver through the DCA airport TSA checkpoint. It was a gift and she was not well educated or spoken about what it was, so they threw the book at her. She was released, but summoned to appear in court for violation of Virginia criminal code 18-2 287.01 ( and faces a class 1 misdemeanor, a year in jail and $2500 in fines.

This is nonsense. It's a friggin' piece of plastic. However, it should be taken and dealt with seriously.

Advice / recommendations / pointers appreciated. I'm sure that others would appreciate such a list and we can agree beforehand that any recommendations are not "endorsements" and the responsibility of choice and due diligence would clearly be the defendant's in selecting an appropriate attorney. [u][/u]