From Va-Alert of today (2/26/2016):

As expected, Governor McAuliffe signed all six bills that made up the “deal” today.

Virginia will begin to honor the permits from all states that issue permits starting July 1.

Details as to the status of the current reciprocity cut-off-date of March 1st will be shared with you once we find out. I expect the cut-off date to either be rescinded altogether or to be moved out to July 1.

More coming up later today.


Virginia State parks, State forests, the ABC Stores, rest stops, DMV, Social Security offices and other State offices etc...places you might visit.

All this fuss about out of state and we are left vulnerable right here at home. And you didn't want to visit a place where you can't carry your sidearm for protection?

Thanks Terry EO 50

CALL/EMAIL/VISIT your state elected official and politely demand they support: HB 1096

Partial State Agency Preemption is better than none.

Kind of weird(SAD!)none of the pro 2A orgs are pushing for this! This should have got as much if not more attention than the reciprocity bill, as it effects all Virgina residents and visitors.