I am sadly selling my baby gun Kelly. She has the red Lion indexing foreend installed, comes with her original front end furniture (the factory front site is damaged and crap anyway), the grommets and screws for any additional reconfiguration of the rail placement (I never put loctite on it because I liked trying different configurations) 2 50 round drum mags, 2 Glock mags (30 Rd and 10 Rd) a promag 30 round, a vertical foregrip with storage, a red/green dot site, a quad stand alone rail at the muzzle, and a bipod if you want it. I am its second owner. I love this gun, it always gets attention from my friends and fellow range shooters. As you can see from the pics I had it setup so you had a scope on the side, and could have the bipod deployed, and rotate from red dot to the scope, since the front quad rail is separate from the indexing one. It can be moved back further, it's only in this position because it allowed for the scope to properly fit. More pictures available upon request. Price is negotiable. Please send me a PM so I get an email notification of any interest. Thank you.