This pistol has been used, but it is in like new condition. I have the original box, but there is no form fitting foam currently inside it. I will include two ten round and two fifteen round magazines. Super fun to shoot striker-fired poymer-framed pistol. I purchased this for my lady to shoot at the range, as well as a possible future carry, but she prefers her .380's. The pistol has less than 300 rounds fired through it.The gun has a very low bore axis, so muzzle flip and felt recoil are very mild for a "subcompact." Recoil is very light and the trapezoidal sights are remarkably instinctive. The front sight jumps into the field of view and draws the eye’s focus. The rear sight is visible but slightly out of focus. The two bars on the rear sight naturally box the front sight in confirming that you are on target. These sights seem to cause the eyes to do naturally what many firearms instructors try to train their students to do: Focus on the front sight.