I am selling my Gen 3 Glock 19 because I never use it anymore, it was my back-up but I have a new backup G17.

I have $1,600.00 into it. Comes with 3 mags and I am selling it for $1,300.00

It is scratched because it is used as a gun should be.
It is a Gen 3 Glock G19, Atei serrations plus top ports, with an S3f Solutions match grade barrel, set of Trijicon HD night sites, an Overwatch Precision trigger, it is stippled, it has a Gripforce adapter that is molded into the frame, a Vickers extended mag release & extended slide release and an Agency Arms magwell

also have a ton of holsters to choose from but those would be extra.

Thank you for looking. Have a good day!

SM 20170619_115030.jpg

SM 20170619_115039.jpg

SM 20170619_115053.jpg

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