I'm selling a used Stoeger Cougar 8045 in .45ACP. This is a full sized .45 that carries 8 rounds. It has a safety/decoker for the DA/SA trigger. The aluminum frame keeps things pretty light for a full sized pistol and has a rail for accessories.

For those who don't know, Stoeger is a Beretta subsidiary that uses the original Beretta Cougar tooling to manufacture the line in Turkey. Beretta stopped the Cougar line in Italy to make way for the PX4 line (the PX4 never really took off, but at least one starred in Inception...).

The pistol has a few scuffs on the aluminum frame, but otherwise works great. I've fired maybe 300-400 trouble free rounds through it. It's just a bit too big for my hands, so I'm back to the slimmer 1911's. It will come with the 3 magazines (pretty rare, run for $40 a pop), wood grips ($45 bucks), original plastic grips, and a leather holster.

I'm looking for $375 or trades for the following (+ cash from either party as needed):

- AR .223/5.56 uppers (either rifle or pistol)
- AR LPK or drop in triggers
- Browning Hi Power magazines
- CZ 75 or clones
- CCW single stack 9's
- 9mm or .223/5.56 target ammo
- Or just offer something

Face to face transactions in the Springfield/Potomac Mills area. I'll require 2 ID's (DL and CCW/Voter ID) and a signed bill of sale. Let me know if you have any questions.

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