500 Rounds through it. Clean and ready to be rehomed. $1,500 cash only. Price is non-negotiable. I'm just listing to fund an specialty lens.

FN Herstal 57
-FastFire 2 4 MoA Red Dot (just replaced battery, comes with 2 extra ones)
-642 rounds of SS197SR (Blue Tip)
-100 rounds of SS198 (Green Tip)
-(1) 30 rd. mag
-(2) 20 rd. mag
-(2) 10 rd. mag
-(5) snap caps
-IWB conceal holster (yes, I CCWed this)
-OWB holster
-Pelican 1170 case (it fits the 57 with the sight, plus all of the mags)
-Factory Plastic Case
-Grizzly Bear CPL
-Lubri-kit.com's SFL-0 Grease (4 syringes) and FMO 350AW Oil (enough to last a decade for both)
-Haptic joy and a solid deal

Will need two forms of ID, and sign a BoS.





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