My question is... What's the best way sell/barter extra prepping supplies?

Short version of the story:

My father was completely prepped for the "big one" he expected this year. Then a few months ago he had a massive heart attack and died. He left lots of debt. He expected the economy to collapse this year and thus was buying supplies on credit and wasn't paying his bills.

I have more than enough supplies of my own so I don't want them. He had everything from generators, seed, grain grinder, camping supplies to emergency essentials food, 55 gallon drums, and bottles of propane.

I've been using the 55 gallon drums of gasoline to fuel my truck. I've taken about a ton of scrap metal to the recyclers. Given away as much cat food and as many mason jars as I can get anyone to take.

I am looking for a creative way to get rid of the (literally) tons of supplies without taking a bath on the cost, helping some people, and maybe even getting a tax write-off in the process. He literally spent thousands on emergency essentials foods. In addition to the debt the sheer wieght of supplies has crushed down one of the floors in his house about two inches. So, I have to repair his house also.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.