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#353233 - 07/09/12 10:12 AM NO AUCTIONS, NO "BEST OFFER" ... list a price.
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Unless you are only willing to TRADE, please list a price. Asking for "best offer" above a price is not acceptable.
Best offer over $500. <---not OK
$500 or best offer <--- OK

This is not an auction or "highest bidder" website.
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#806777 - 10/28/14 09:11 PM Re: NO AUCTIONS, NO "BEST OFFER" ... list a price. [Re: VaGunTrader]
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I have a question for this rule. Me and another member agreed upon meeting for a trade at a disclosed location and he messaged me saying he had other offers and then canceled... Is that aloud? I would never go back on my word like that and it just really bothers me.
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#806785 - 10/28/14 09:21 PM Re: NO AUCTIONS, NO "BEST OFFER" ... list a price. [Re: AspiringGunsmith]
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As I read the rules, no not disallowed. But, you will meet all kinds on here. For me the good have far outweighed the bad, so I just keep on going.

#806866 - 10/29/14 07:19 AM Re: NO AUCTIONS, NO "BEST OFFER" ... list a price. [Re: VaGunTrader]
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That's what the feedback section is for. Post your experience in the feedback section.
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