Good Morning Fella's,

As per moderator's guidance, I wanted to put myself and my partner out there to the list as a resource for firearms refinishing in the Richmond and Virginia Beach areas. As a starting point, the primary coating/application that we offer is heat-cured Ceracoat for heat tolerant projects, as well as air-cured material for optics and the like. We can apply your choice of colors available in Ceracoat (some 30+) and multi-color patterned work upon request, as well as gloss and flat clears for straight preservation and a purpose-built high-heat/low-friction application for moving parts.

My background in custom metal finishing ensures that your project will be durable, chemical and impact resistant, and easier to clean than you ever imagined. Chemical lubricants in the material protect moving parts and dramatically improve the ease of slide and chamber cycle. All questions and inquiries are welcomed, and reputable references are available upon request.

I'm not always on the list throughout the day, but do log-in and check e-mail periodically several times a day. Please feel free to contact any time with any questions at all; we enjoy what we do, are very quality control oriented, and chatter/advice is free.

Cheers Scott (Ronin4770)