Bayside Custom Gunworks is a licensed gunsmith shop with an on-site machine shop, welding, hot bluing, nitre blue, cerakote, and more. We specialize in custom firearms. We will make parts from scratch for obsolete firearms.
You can visit our website for more information at
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We also offer gunsmith classes. On our website and Facebook page you can find our current offerings. Here is a picture of the recent custom built 22 pistol/rifle class we offered through Rappahannock Community College.

Below are some examples of our work and custom firearms:
Woods, Trail, and Field
When hunting pigs and deer in the woods you are often faced with a quick shot opportunity or when hunting hogs sometimes you have multiple targets to engage. Our answer to that is the long slide 10mm with mini red dot.
Here you have a Rock Island 10mm that has been customized with a Burris FF3, new crown, reliability work, trigger work, and cerakote.
For that hike through the woods you need a capable handgun that carries nicely and will give you enough punch to deal with dangers on the trail as well as grant you the accuracy for a chance shot on game. For that we have the Packing Ruger.
The Packing Ruger is a GP100 cut back to 3” with an in house made fiber optic front sight held in a Novak dovetail. The barrel has been crowned to 11 degrees, chamber mouths have duty bevels, the barrel has been slab sided and fluted, and trigger work has been done. The customer will be adding his grips of choice!
And when you goal is to sit a food plot or small field where you may have to stretch your shots beyond “normal” handgun ranges we have the Franken-Ruger.
This Franken-Ruger started as a standard GP100. We added our barrel and shroud system with a 12 5/8’ barrel, Harrell brake, Weigand base, trigger and action work, as well as cerakote. The Franken-Ruger weighs in at 53oz. A factory 6” Gp100 weighs in at 45oz.
More info can be found at and on our Facebook page. Numerous videos are available!

This is the Cougar! The Cougar is a Ruger security six with a python barrel. Can also be done on smith and wessons and gp100!

The Packing Ruger is our CC package on a factory Gp100. The barrel is cut back, crowned, slab side, and fluted, as well as trigger and action work and other custom touches.
We also do custom 1911 from existing guns or bare frame and slides. There are many more pictures of our 1911 work on our website.

And don’t think we just do Ruger revolvers! Here is one of our PPC style smiths

Some of you may have wondered what that long barreled Ruger thing is…well it’s the Franken Ruger…is it pretty..nope…does it shoot? You bet…like a rifle. Check out this video…lots more on our website!

If you couldn’t tell, I am an avid handgun hunter. That’s what drives me in this line of work and helps draw work from all over the United States!
Here is a hog I took with one of my custom 10mm 1911 made right here at BCG!
Contact info for Bayside Custom Gunworks
460 Holly Point Road
Mathews VA 23109
Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 10-7
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