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Anyone want to help out this weekend at the Richmond gun show? Help hang out at the table and tell people about the website.

I have two tables at the NEW Richmond Gun Show at the end of March. These tables are for members to bring their guns, ammo, and accessories to sell.

~~~~~ Everyone please be SAFE and SMART when executing a private firearms transaction. Follow the law by making sure you are dealing with a Virginia resident. Ask to see their ID!!! If they don't want to show their ID ...why?? (RED FLAG!!) If he/she looks young check their age. You don't want to be selling to a minor. Make sure the picture matches the person. Look at the name, is it the person that contacted you on the website? If he/she does something that makes you feel uncomfortable about the transaction you are under no obligation to complete the transaction. And PLEASE, if there is something that you think we here at VaGT should know about don't hesitate to contact us. Anything suspicious or out-of-place...let us know.

******For those of you who are NOT licensed firearms dealers (FFL) make sure you follow all laws pertaining to buying, and especially SELLING firearms. VaGunTrader is not a shelter for anyone to conduct illegal activities. Familiarize yourself with the ATF laws for selling firearms as a non-licensed seller. Links can be found on this website.


Multiple Accounts are not allowed.

If you forget your password use the password retrieval on the log-in screen.

Also if you have problems in the future logging in see the HOW TO section, PROBLEMS LOGGING IN.

If you forget your username do not create another. Email me at if you need help.

We will begin deleting and banning members with Multiple Accounts. If you have created a multiple account, send a PM to any Moderator and explain which account you wish to keep and which one deleted.


Here in the world of the internet we have scammers sign up and try to scam members here of their money. It is happening here. This is VIRGINIA Gun Trader, not a nationwide gun trader. This site is intended for FACE-TO-FACE transactions here in Virginia, not mail order. When you deal through the mail your chances of being scammed are greatly increased!!! Do you know who you are dealing with through the mail?? Like the title says...BUYER BEWARE. Use common sense when dealing. Take precautions when dealing face-to-face... meet in a safe public place. And of course abide by the laws. My advise is to everyone here

Just a few reminders:

1.RULE!!! Only one account per person. (YES WE WILL CATCH YOU!!!!) If you feel the need to have more than one account, such as a personal and business, please contact a moderator.


2. RULE!! Include a PRICE with your "FOR SALE" listing unless its just for trade.

3. Thank you for behaving in the shout box.

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Upcoming VGT Events:

NEW Richmond GUN SHOW - March 25-26, 2 tables for members
The gun show is no longer at the Richmond International Raceway. It will now be held on Midlothian Turnpike in an old KMART building which is just off Chippenham Pkwy, behind where Red Lobster use to be.

I have two tables there for members to use to sell their guns, ammo, and accessories.

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