For sale - $1000 $900 OBO - No Trades
The rifle is a SIG SAUER M400 Carbon (Direct Impingement) in stock configuration.
It is a 16" .556 1/7 twist barrel with a 12.5" Lancer carbon fiber handguard.
The SIG lower has ambi mag release, ambi safety, and a larger bolt catch button. It also has QD mounts built into the lower on each side, just behind the safety. The lower has an adjustable tension setscrew accessible under the grip that keeps it tight with the upper. It has a magpul polymer trigger guard installed. The buffer tube is milspec and it has a decent SIG branded Adams Arms Ark Defense Sopmod Stock. Sig branded ergonomic grip of some kind.
Trigger is a two stage Geissele Match trigger but I don't know exactly what model.
It has magpul MBUS flip up sights.
total weight is 6.77lb
It came with a Lancer mag so I can either include a used Lancer mag with it or a new Gen3 Pmag if desired.
The major components of the rifle (barrel, bolt, trigger) have seen less than 100 rounds of use.
It currently has a flash hider on it but I can toss on an Obsidian arms muzzle brake on it if you want.
I also can swap the 12.5" carbon fiber out for a 16" if desired. At that length, the flash hider just barely sticks out from the end.
I also have some additional rail sections and a QD mount that goes on the hand guard if more attachment points are needed. Those didn't come on the rifle but we can figure something out, I am sure.
The MSRP on the rifle is about $1,750. I am asking $1000 $900 OBO.

Thanks for looking.