I bought this 1951 Marlin 39A from a fellow VAGTer a few months ago.
The metal had almost no finish and the wood wasnt much better.
I replaced the mag tube and a few internal parts and got it shooting again.
I had thought about having TTI in Ashland blue it but there was some pitting that wasnt going to polish out.
So I blasted it to bare metal and shot it with Cerakote Elite Midnight and the metal turned out well.
I stripped the stock and forend and did a light sand followed by a little walnut stain and finished it with high gloss Cerakote clear.
I think it turned out great and now it's ready for the squirrel woods again,maybe for another 70 years.
BTW; I'm still around and doing Cerakote so if you have a project send me a pm and we can talk about it...Clinton



"It will be fine after the swelling go's down"